Work Packages

The ADSEAT project consists of five Work Packages (WP), each incorporating some of the most experienced researchers and developers in their fields, as well as two additional WP’s, handling the management and dissemination of the project.

WP1 – Real-world data

Preparing the ground work for the other WP´s by evaluating currently available data.

WP2 –Biological tests

Performing volunteer tests and addressing the difference in females and males in rear impact vehicle crashes.

WP3 – Computational modelling

Developing a female dummy model to be used in WP4 and WP5.

WP4 – Injury criteria / threshold

Analysing the female injury risk, assessing the usefulness of currently used neck injury criteria and comparing injury predictors for males and females based on computer simulations.

WP5 – Seat evaluation guidelines

Developing software to gain a better understanding of whiplash injuries, in order to improve recommendations for vehicle occupants. The findings in WP5 will constitute a component of the final outcome of the ADSEAT project.

WP7 - Dissemination

The objective of this work package is to promote productive contacts between the partners and with the Commission.