Adaptive Seat to Reduce Neck Injuries for Female and Male Occupants

The ADSEAT project is an EU funded project within the 7th Framework which started 1 October 2009 and ended 31 March 2013.

Project summary

The focus of ADSEAT is on Whiplash associated disorders (WAD), so called whiplash injuries, which are the most commonly reported injuries in motor vehicle crashes. Whiplash injuries can lead to severe pain and suffering for the victim and may result in huge societal costs. Data has shown that females have a 1.22 to 3.1 times higher risk of sustaining whiplash injuries. 

The objective of ADSEAT has been to provide guidance on how to evaluate the protective performance of vehicle seat designs aiming to reduce the incidence of Whiplash Associated Disorders.

ModellA computational dummy model of an average female has been developed in the project. This new research tool will be used in conjunction with the only currently available dummy model, based on the average male, when evaluating enhanced whiplash injury protection. 

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